Applied Learning Conference 2018

2018-01-25 till 2018-01-26
Perspectives, Pedagogy and Practice seeks to bring together international and local experts to contribute to the evolving discourse on Applied Learning.

As the world prepares itself for the ‘Future Economy’ and the challenges it will bring, traditional notions of ‘work’, ‘job’ and ‘career’ will have to evolve. While various industries struggle to keep abreast of, and adapt to, the changing economic environment, many are concerned that graduates entering the workforce have not fully embraced that shift. ‘Future Economy’ proficiencies such as critical thinking, adaptability, and data management have been found wanting. Yet, such skills are not easily taught or learnt in the traditional education environment. As such, Applied Learning, heuristically defined as a pedagogy that connects academic knowledge and skills with real world applications in industry and the community, would arguably be the innovative educational approach for this ‘Future Economy’. Through Applied Learning, life-long learners continually develops in-depth domain specific knowledge, industry readiness and transferable skills.

The theme for this inaugural conference is: Applied Learning: Perspectives, Pedagogy and Practice. Organised by SIT, this conference seeks to bring together international and local experts to contribute to the evolving discourse on Applied Learning on various fronts. Firstly, this conference seeks to explore different perspectives, approaches and concepts of Applied Learning, advancing the body of knowledge in academia. Secondly, sharing of the varied application of different pedagogies will be encouraged ensue, thereby contributing significantly to the educational institutions’ repository of teaching and learning. Thirdly, this conference will showcase international best practices in this domain, thus informing the industry and community. As such, the topics deliberated in this conference will include the use of work-based learning (e.g, dual studies, internship and cooperative models); effective pedagogies that empower employment-ready graduates; use of simulations and technology to scaffold learning towards real world application; authentic assessments that evaluate competency required for work, to implementation of industry-focused student projects.

This conference aims to provide insights into the strategic directions universities can take in partnering with industry to develop and conduct a curriculum that trains graduates for future employment. The discussion will challenge the mindsets and distinct roles universities and industry currently play and provoke thoughts towards partnership in promoting lifelong learning. This conference seeks to expand discourse for academics, empower educational institutions, and embolden the industry and community, for the Future Economy.

Date: 25 - 26 January 2018

Time: 09:00 hrs - 18:00 hrs

Venue: Conrad Centennial Singapore

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