For more information on how to book a hotel in Singapore; our reservation policies; and the services and amenities you can enjoy when you reserve a room via , please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

If your question is not answered below, you may contact via email: for further assistance.

No, we do not charge any booking fees at all.

All the inclusions (stated in the rate details) & room amenities (listed under the room type) that you have selected are included in the room price.

It varies with different hotels. You may refer to the specific Room Type information for the details on whether extra beds are allowed in the room.

You need to provide valid credit card details for pre-authorisation by the hotel to guarantee your reservation.

For general condition bookings, your credit card is required for pre-authorisation by the hotel to guarantee your reservation. There will be no deduction from your credit card. The credit card will only be charged by the hotel upon your arrival to the hotel.

For non-refundable bookings, your credit card will be charged by the hotel upon confirmation of the reservation booking.

All information will be clearly displayed in the Guarantee Policy, Cancellation Policy and Hotel’s Terms & Conditions in the booking confirmation page.

Once you have completed the booking process, the confirmation page will show all your reservation details, including the booking number. You will also receive a confirmation email with the booking confirmation details from

The booking made with a valid credit card will be an instant confirmation with guarantee reservation.

You may modify or cancel your reservation by clicking on the Confirmation Number (stated in your email). This will bring you to My Reservation - Modify/Cancel Reservation tab where you need to provide the Last Name on Reservation to retrieve your reservation and make the changes accordingly.

You may also drop us an email at

Please bring along your booking confirmation details to present to the hotel upon check-in.